Learn about Californians for Alternatives to Toxics (CATs)

Californians for Alternatives to Toxics (CATs) was founded in 1982 by community groups from throughout northern California who wanted a regional resource center for information and action about hazardous chemicals, especially pesticides, and for promotion of organically produced products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, cannabis, legumes, etc.

The mission therefore is to enable our members and the public to gain control over pesticides and other toxic chemicals within the environment of California in ways that will benefit people around the world. Over the past 23 years, CATs has been successful in fulfilling this important organizational mission.

Mission and Vision Statements

Vision Statement

  • CATs seeks to realize a world in which the health & well being of people and the environment are not at risk from exposure to pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

  • We envision a society in which organic food and other non-toxic commodities are the standard.

  • This vision includes jobs free of exposure to pesticides, healthy non-toxic homes and pesticide free schools and public places.

  • This world vision has clean water, air and soil to benefit wildlife and people now and in generations to come.

Mission Statement

CATs’ mission is to enable the general public, particularly residents of northern California, to gain control over toxic chemicals, especially pesticides, within the environment.  The mission arises from an underlying concern for the membership in relation to their dependence on the environment for their sustained health, education, cultural activities, and livelihood. 

Primary methods utilized to accomplish the mission are:

  • Educate the community about the use and toxicity of chemicals.

  • Provide information about alternatives to toxics.

  • Develop and employ effective strategies to bring about reform.

  • Encourage community leadership.

  • Organize individuals and groups.

  • Bring groups together for greater leverage in opposing chemical pollution.